CHIC _stylish

Luxury holiday suites in South Tyrol in a unique setting – elegant and chic. Suites with a sophisticated and extravagant ambience. A wellness oasis in the middle of greenery – totally private and totally relaxing.
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In these four exclusive suites measuring 100-200m², living in luxury takes on new dimensions. Unlimited relaxation, maximum comfort, and absolute privacy – in your holiday suite and all around. The interior impresses with its elegance and exciting design elements, and the surrounding mountains provide the rest. What used to be a traditional estate is now a retreat for people looking for something special. These are luxury holiday suites in South Tyrol that are unlike any other.
DELIGHTFUL _fantastic
A breakfast, prepared by masterful hands and served in the suite. A minibar stocked with all kinds of drinks. A deluxe BBQ experience.
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An infinity pool with a sun terrace, a view that extends into the greenery. Private saunas and a relaxation room with relaxation guaranteed – a gym with everything you could desire.
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It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.
Henry David Thoreau
DE LUXE _splendid
The former estate has been transformed into a place of luxurious living – among other things. Exclusive holiday suites with everything that makes you happy.